Router Features

StarOS™ has reached it’s fourth generation with the introduction of GeckoV4™, a powerful Wireless platform that is designed for Enterprise-class networks that require a high level of flexibility, performance, and reliability. GeckoV4™ is a WiFi router Operating system / Firmware for Wireless ISPs, designed for PCs and Embedded (arm, mips, x86) devices. Powerful enough to run your mission critical Enterprise systems, but with an ease of use that is the hallmark of our StarOS™ product line. Featuring a powerful ssh-based, mouse point and click user Interface that offers a robust, and real time experience even on poor connections. This software is great for those who like to Do it Yourself (DIY), but our resellers also offer embedded Enterprise routers for those needing hardware without the hassles of building the systems by hand. Our GeckoV4 software is a complete solution for both WiFi and Routing. The GeckoV4 series supports most flavors of Qualcomm Atheros 802.11abg, and 802.11n cards, with rates up to 450 Mbps (802.11n 3×3).

Core Features