The MyWay Program

It is designed to use RSA 2048 bit encryption for ALL confidential storage. Many banks are quite content using AES 128 bit encryption, which is secure enough but RSA 2048 is much more secure for now and the foreseeable future. It uses a Custom Free Form Database that can contain any information for any record you desire. You can even add a full featured Spreadsheet to a record.

Display items in a searchable tree view. It is easy to create your own records. It uses standard copy/paste to web site form fields with Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. For Network Administrators there is even a SSH login. It has a Password Generator with settings for length and types of characters. It has a Password strength meter to show how effective your chosen Password really is. 

The Tools I Provide

There is a Password Generator that you can fine tune for the length and the characters to use.  Many sites do not allow the use of some special characters as it would interfere with their programs. It also has a Password Strength Checker so that you can see the strength and compare to your passwords you are now using. Field masking on Password Fields is used to shield your private data from prying eyes.

The MyWay Program

MyWay displays items in a searchable File Tree View, similar to your File Explorer. You can search most records and fields to find things, quickly locating your search term in 1,000's of records. If an entry has a GPS field it will be shown on the built-in map.

Strong Encryption

MyWay uses Industry Standard RSA 2048 bit encryption. Many Banks feel secure with AES 128 bit encryption. I prefer to do better, and I can, so I asked myself"why not?". There was no good answer to this, so I now use RSA 2048 encryption for for all Password Fields.

Free Form Database

It is easy to add your own data fields to the entry forms. You can even have duplicate fields, ie a second phone number field. There is a special field for a full featured spreadsheet that can use the standard format used by the King of Spreadsheets. You can tailor any form to include precisely the data you wish to store. Easily share files using Dropbox or other Cloud Storage. The data records are simple Binary files which makes it very easy to sync changes to other users. Storage in the Cloud will be safe because of the RSA 2048 bit Encryption for Passwords.

Perfectly Safe for Banking Info

I have made it possible to include any information you wish to keep for every database record entry. This allows, for instance, the name of the bank, phone number, swift code, account number, account name, and .... well you get the general idea. You can store anything you want along with your user name and password and ALL confidential fields are securely encrypted using RSA 2048 bit Encryption. You can even include a Spreadsheet field to keep your own running balance. A single click will launch your Browser to the URL you have recorded for your Bank.

Spreadsheet Field

A full Spreadsheet (read and write xlsx sheets), can be added to your records. It is ideal for expense accounts, etc. and can be used for whatever you need. Imagine having a Spreadsheet field right in your Banking Info. I think this is helpful. You can also open a dedicated Spreadsheet.

Powerful Mapping

A full featured Mapping Tool is included. You can view the Item on the Map using an address lookup, or paste the GPS coordinates into the data entry form. You can locate addresses on the Map Tool and zoom in to house level detail.

Remote System Login

The Data Editor Window allows you to copy information from any field to your clipboard with a single Left Click and then to your Browser with Ctrl V. There is even a SSH login. I create fields that contain command lines and I copy from the Data Form to the SSH screen. It saves having to remember all of the commands and avoids typos.