The Marin Program

It is designed so that a Wireless Access Point will be re-initiated when the program finds it is able to associate Client Stations but cannot communicate with them.  This can happen when there is severe noise in the spectrum.

The Tools I Provide

The Marin program will ping all suitably marked  Access Points and if they are alive it will then ping the marked Clients for that Access point.  If the Client is not able to ping it will re-initiate the Access point, which has been shown to resolve the issue a very large part of the time.

It was discovered that even a reboot of the Client does not resolve anything.  The corrective action must be taken at the Access Point

The Marin Program

The Marin Program will automatically start, if you enable this, after a Windows reboot, possibly due to an update.

It does not require to be logged in. 

This is meant for unattended use, and thus requires no operator intervention to startup and begin to operate.

Strong Encryption

Marin uses Industry Standard RSA 2048 bit encryption for the password fields.

Free Form Database

Marin uses the database that is created by the MyWay program.  Note that it CANNOT make any changes, so it is a read only system.