The MyWay program will make your online experience safer and at the same time easier. The way many people manage online logins is to use a single and easy to remember login or just let the Web Browser store and manage it all.

There is a FREE 30 day Trial and then it limits the additional items, but password and database are available, forever.  A mere $20 for a lifetime license will unlock all of the add-ons. Try it out. There is no obligation and you don't even have to register or give up any information for the Trial.

I value Simplicity and Privacy.  I value Security as well, which is why the Password section is entirely free for you.  My Parents were generous, and I learned from them. 

  • What if you could use the strongest password possible yet be able to easily and simply login to your sites? Then, if a website does get hacked and your password is exposed, the hacker only has access to that one hacked site. MyWay can also generate strong random passwords, so there is no limit and your memory is never strained.
  • If you have ever changed your Web Browser, you are aware how incredibly easy it is for the new Browser to gather ALL of your passwords from the other Web Browser. So, the question is simple "What makes you think a hacker cannot do it just as easily?" The simple answer is "Of course they can". So, don't let it happen for the sake of convenience. It might be more convenient to not lock your door but it's not wise.
  • Why let your Web Browser have access to all of your Web Bookmarks? It is valuable for the advertisers and is a loss of your privacy, so you should be protecting it. The best, for you, is to keep that information outside of your Browser in a MyWay Database. MyWay lets you make a backup and then you can copy it to a USB Flash Drive or a Cloud storage. Your Passwords are safe in the Cloud because of the strong encryption used.
  • With the MyWay program ALL passwords are stored using RSA 2048 bit encryption, which is safe from cracking by the BIG Quantum computers for several more decades. Things change, however, but for now this is very secure. 
  • MyWay never touches ANYTHING to do with your system, except its own data.
  • When you bookmark a website you can add handy comments. You can also bookmark your programs and you can search for text in those database fields. Try that with your Web Browser bookmarks where you cannot bookmark programs to run. MyWay goes beyond mere Web organization and organizes much more of the data you want.
  • There is a Mapping Module Add-On allowing you to place your data items and connect them together with lines. It is very handy, for example, for a Wireless Internet Service Provider to catalog and display all of their equipment. The map display is so well suited for this.
  • If you require a full function Spreadsheet, there is one built in. It can open and use all of the typical formats, including xlsx. This alone could be worth the license price. A spreadsheet can even be embedded into a data record. For instance, I use one in my Bank Info records for a simple account balance. I don't even have to login to my bank to find out my balance and see transactions. A Spreadsheet can be used for nearly anything and is so handy.
  • There is a FREE 30 day Trial and then a mere $20 for a lifetime license. Try it out. There is no obligation and you don't even have to register or give up any information for the Trial.  After the Free Trial the additional items are not available, however the Password and core Database are usable forever.  You only pay if you want to have the extra features.