What is the BIG deal about Password Security?

It's about making your confidential and private data secure. You will want to organize and secure your passwords using the best available encryption (RSA 2048 bit encryption) with point and click convenience to use your FreeForm data.  Sometimes it is very convenient to have the items located on a Map.

If a website gets hacked then users can be in BIG trouble. If their typical password had been used then the cracker has access to any site that used that password. If it had also been used for email, then a really bad process can begin.

The MyWay Password
and Data Organizer

In honour of my Father I dedicate this program to him.  He always looked at something and tried to figure out how he could build it.  That camper van above came to him as a chassis with the front end and drive train.  I think he did an OK job and it was used on many fishing holidays.

He proved that you can do anything if you want to.  You might have to learn some new skills and buy some new tools, but that is part of the fun.