Who Am I and What Is This All About

I am Lonnie Nunweiler, a Canadian Citizen currently residing in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  I graduated in 1973 from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton as an Electronics  Engineering Technologist and originally worked for the Ministry of Transport, responsible for Navigation Aids,Landing Aids,Radio Communication,Security X-Ray,Weather Monitoring, and all Electronics Equipment at an Airport.  Those duties required a high degree of "doing it right" as people depended on the correct functioning of the systems and lives were at risk if it was not perfect. 

I have been self employed since 1978 when I was offered a contract to maintain the very first Microwave Instrument Landing System in Canada.  It provided landing assistance for a helicopter to carry employees between between Edson, Alberta and Coal Valley, Alberta. When that contract ended and they used busing instead, I moved on to develop an Analog to Digital converter and software for its use.  I mostly developed hardware and software for Natural Gas measurement, for the Medicine Hat area where my systems measured and reported Natural Gas production.   It was used in portable, truck mounted systems to monthly measure the hundreds of shallow gas wells and report the output for ERCB use.

It grew into a full fledged Compressor Station Monitor.  Initially I used the QNX operating system rather than mess around with multitasking MSDOS.  The operators desired a Windows system so they could use the computer for other office duties, so I built a really cool spreadsheet that gathered external information and reported it to a file.  In those days they would print the file and Fax it to head office.  Hey it was WAY better than what they had been doing and this was in the mid 1980's plus they had to add some other information manually.

I also built a Solar Powered metering system for what they call Batteries in the natural gas business.  I used Motorola VHF data radios to send the information back to the Compressor Station monitoring system.  This was a revolution since in the Winter they could get wells and batteries frozen off, resulting in no production.  This meant that instead of visiting all of the batteries to check their production, which could take all day, they now would see on the computer screen exactly which area needed their attention.  It saved a LOT of time and because the gas production was restored much quicker, they made more money.  In that business lost production could never be recovered.  You simply could not increase something that was already running at full capacity anyway.

The last project was a simple control valve and monitor to keep the total flow volume at the contract level. This was necessary since the input natural gas came from shallow wells which fluctuated a lot, making a desired set point hard to achieve without some periodic adjustment of an output valve.

When the big companies moved into Gas Measurement I was edged out, so in 1994 I moved to Valemount, BC, and did some contract programming for companies in the US and opened a computer business.  In 1998 I participated in a project to bring Internet to the area and thus the StarOS Wireless Routers were developed as Internet needs expanded.  As some of you may know, dial-up sucks.  We could provide Wireless Internet to people who could not even get a party line phone.  We used Solar Powered mountain top repeater sites for the distribution.  It was fun to visit them using quads and snow machines.  StarOS has been a product ever since, recently migrating to the use of Openwrt for the code base.

I have always enjoyed code development for Database and User Interface.  Thus I began dabbling with an Information Organizer to hold all of the information for the Wireless systems that a Wireless ISP might employ.  The Valemount experience was a huge help as I learned first hand what was needed in order to organize our sites.  Mapping was added and it became a huge feature as an Internet system lends itself very well to being shown on a Map.

It soon became obvious that it could be used to store almost any other information you could want to group and store.  Thus my Free Form Database was developed.  Most Databases (early on I used Sqlite) required me to design the Data Dictionary to include every conceivable data one could possibly need.  Consider that the Information for a Bank Account is way different from the Information for Family Member details.  Believe me it gets messy, and soon the very Database that was so wonderful just keeps getting more complicated.  My Free Form database is actually a simple Binary data file, and holds the field data, field descriptions as well as the information to build the unique Edit form.  I use it for everything.  I can create an entry for a website I wish to visit again.  I do not require my Browser to keep tabs on me and the sites I want to bookmark.  That is a measure of privacy I gain back.  Note: MyWisp does NOT EVER record or report anything you do.  That is your business.  My business is helping you to keep your information organized and private.

I keep all my purchased software details in the system.  My passwords for all logins are secure.  It is the same for bank info.  Also, if I wish to add a comment field to my bank info, I just add a field and call it, for instance, "Comment".  It's really that simple.

When I started to keep my Bank Information I needed some security for Password fields.  Initially I used AES 256  which is very secure. Banks typically use AES 128.  Both are very secure but the recent advances in computer hardware started to shorten the secure life span, so RSA 2048 bit was chosen to encrypt all Passwords and sensitive information. See this link about breaking RSA 2048. My feeling is that RSA 2048 is secure for quite a while yet and will provide enough time to develop something even better.

I am good at what I do, and fortunately I love what I do. It does not ever feel like work. The same KISS principles that were used to make an 8 MB Wireless Router are applied to the MyWisp program. Imagine having an encrypted, customizable database, with a real Spreadsheet and able to show results on a Map in around 10 MB of code.  Ever wonder why a simple program is 300 to 400 MB?  Thinking about that can make you crazy.

A Map is ideal to show you where someone or something is located.

The Freeform Database allows you to add any type of information to the data record. It is great for online use making strong passwords easy. It provides an easy way to use them; without the Browser being "ever so helpful".

The MyWisp program will easily save your information about each device plus it allows many actions on the devices.

Why Use This and Get a License?

How about just to have your confidential and private data secured.  It will really help you organize and secure those passwords using RSA 2048.  And it will help me.  That is  win-win.  Please go here for a license.

Hacked Site

If a website gets hacked its users could be in BIG trouble. If the user had used their typical password then the cracker now has access to any site that uses that password.

How Can I Help You with Your Wisp

I provide a Wireless Router Software, called StarOS, to make your WISP run better. The MyWisp program will definitely help you to organize your sites as well as make maintenance and configuration tasks easier. There is a new add-on program that will take site pairs (AP, Client) and ping the AP.  If it can ping it tries to ping the Client.  If it can, it moves to the next pair.  If it cannot ping the Client it will perform an Activate on the AP, which will typically result in a restoration of service.

How Can I Help You Online

I provide this inexpensive program to make your online experience safer and at the same time easier. The typical way that people make online easy is to use simple, easy to remember logins or just let the Browser have all the control. Now you can use the strongest password possible yet still easily and simply login to your online sites.  Now, if a website does get hacked and your password is exposed, then the hacker has access to that hacked site only.

Where to from here?

I have been doing software development for nearly 40 years and have faced many obstacles. I have shown I do not quit and will keep doing what I do to help people. I love what I do, so what else would I do?  Watching TV gets pretty boring.

The StarOS firmware is migrating to use Openwrt as the core.  That is Work In Progress with good results so far and a fair number of hardware platforms are already supported.

I have also started to work on screen capture with the idea of creating videos showing how to use the MyWisp program.  I am even considering this for the Openwrt router firmware, but time is in short supply.

My first effort at a HTML5 video.

I still have this idea that a new OS can be built with pretty graphics and proper design principles.  For instance, my 4 GHz quad core system with 64 GB ram will sometimes stop responding to the keyboard for several seconds.  This shows it is NOT designed properly and even QNX back in the early 1980's would never have let that happen. Surely some brainiac group can be assembled and a solution found.